Moogulator – 2 little Tracks on SoundCloud


Moogulator – 2 little Tracks on SoundCloud

just some tracks – because I like Soundcloud and the Waveform display – some of them not released so far which I did „because I wanted to“… this one is a bit geeky minimal modular stuff – just manually played, just hands but no such hands as always. both are dedicated to one instrument, so that’s why I play them to you. One Instrument, just one go, simple and manually played but a bit different in „style“. I still call everything Britzelpop since it sounds good.

Moogulator – „Moogeln“ (ConsequenceMatrixx) by Moogulator

this one is sort of remix before the original was made, also based on a piece of gear I liked to play it on with (only) just for me to think you can do that music on that instrument – a Pro12 (Prophet 5 – if you really wanted me to name it)
Moogulator – Digital Prophet (Nichtsdestowenigertrotz Rx) by Moogulator

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