Discography Moogulator as Consequence (1985-2001) • as Moogulator 2001-today •other Projects (1985-today)

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Moogulator by Moogulator

tracks by Moogulator


MOOGULATOR – The Digital Anatomist Project CD – BritzelPop

digital anatomist project

ConseQuencE – GedankenRauschen CD – dark ambient industrial


ConseQuence / Moogulator – Real?OR.noT! CD – Synthpop

Consequence – Volition CD – Electro – EBM

volition CD

ConseQuencE – Regression CD – EBM


Moogulator – Mars 2002 – 2010 – prev. unreleased lost tracks


Discography as Moogulator (2001 – Now!)

The Digital Anatomist Project (CD, Album, Spe)Aentitainment2008
Appears On:
Gedankenrauschen (CD, Album)Elektro-Kartell2002
Thesis Vol I (CD, Comp, Album)Iron TriangleImpulsive ArtImpulsive Art2009
Tracks Appear On:
White Line Vol. 1 (12″)SpoonorchestraAentitainment2006
Thesis Vol I (CD, Comp, Album) –> GET IT HERE: Thesis (Greece), Impulsive Art, CDV/A – Thesis Vol.I Digipack CD

Track: 02. Moogulator | Iron triangle (prev.unreleased on CD / Vinyl)
on Impulsive ArtErhältlich via Email! / got some of these – so just ask me!

Iron TriangleImpulsive ArtImpulsive Art2009
Moogulator / Enzym Split EP (Red Vinyl 12″)Various – Broken Music N°1 ‎(CDr, Comp)Qheap, VeCatreQErrorismAentitainmentAentitainment


• Liquid Sky Berlin Vol. 2 · Telepathic Bubblebath ‎( Album Commpilation, Movement Solitude (ReNewal Remix), XXC3Liquid Sky Berlin, 2013

Maschinenfest 2014 ‎(2xCD, Compilation, Ltd, Fes)  (2 CDs) – Track „in Synchrony (adaption)“, Label: Pflichtkauf, 2014
(industrial) – got some of these – so you can ask me…

mf 2014 danke

• Appearance on – Xabec „Closing the Circle“ CD (Live Performance from Forms of Hands 13 Concert) – Track „Feuerstern“ add. Synth, 2013
closing the circle by xabec


Releases: CD / Album – pre 2003 releases


Desolated Victims (Cass)Human Deadline1985
Electronic Disease #11 (7″)Electronic Disease1993
Regression (CD, Album)Human Deadline1993
Volition (Album) ◄ (2 versions)Hard Records1995
Volition (CD, Album)Hard Records1995
Volition (CD, Album)Cleopatra1995
Gedankenrauschen (CD, Album)Elektro-Kartell2002
Appears On:
Impression 2001 (CD, Album)to MarsElektro-Kartell2002
Tracks Appear On these Compilations:
Human Deadline Compilation Vol. 1 (CD)Psyrulent,
Martinet 2
Human Deadline1993
Different Forms (2xCass, Comp + Box, Ltd)They Are Educated,
Hands Productions1994
Electronic Hopes (CD, Comp)SeductiveTomato Records (3)1994
Elektro-Immolation (Cass, Comp)Seductive, HighSide-Line1994
Inside Out (CD)Seductive?Inside Out Productions1994
Transatlantic Techno Trip (Cass, Comp, Ltd)Seductive?,
they are educated.
Electro Pulse1994
Underground Resistances Vol.01 (Cass, Comp, Ltd)Seductive?New Will Productions1994
Referenzklasse I (Cass, Comp)(Not) Allowed,
Trash Tape Rekords1995
Hard Target – A Collection Of Electronic And Industrial Music From Hard Records (CD, Comp)Subject to
Industrial Madness (4xCD, Comp)RelianceCleopatra1997
Hard Industrial Work – 5 Year Anniversary Of Hard Records (3xCD, Comp)RelianceCleopatra, Cleopatra1998
Der Rat Der Grauen (CD)SubConscious.
Human Deadline1999
FFG Volume 2 (2xCD, Dou)All = NothingFFG2000
Wellenform (CDTransitions
(Der Übergang)
Impression 2001 (CD, Album)To MarsElektro-Kartell2002
Unofficial Releases:
Real? Or Not (CDr)Album!Human Deadline1998


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12″ Vinyl

Moogulator / Enzym Split EP, Red Vinyl // Aentitainment

2 Tracks – Qheap & VeCatreQ by Moogulator

Moogulator / Enzym Split EP 12" Red Vinyl
Moogulator / Enzym Split EP 12″ Red Vinyl

Moogulator / Enzym Split by AENTITAINMENT

12″ Vinyl – White Line Compilation 1 – 2006 broken beats
Excerpt of all Tracks – Moogulator: last part of this Demo:

excerpts of ALL tracks via Ae.feat. moogulator, mothboy, theatre and its double, Utopia:banished, dbeOrder at/ bestellen via AentitainmentMoogulator feat Track: Spoon Orchestra II WHITE LINE Vol. IA collection of broken music, inspired by electronics and the belief in alternative electronic expression. Featuring Theatre And Its Double, Mothboy, Moogulator, Utopia:banished and dbe, this compilation brings you the latest in alternative electronic broken beats with a slightly dark touch.preview download


Vinyl 7″

by Moogulator / Consequence spotted: order some 5€ plus porto – gegen 9€ / Single inkl. Porto
die tracks sind diese:

• ED11 -„not allowed“ (consequence/volition)/ „color me blood red“ (projekt: Graft)
ebm + industrial style.. straight forward + mind movie – style – vorwärts und chillig/kinomässig

• ED12 -„seductive?“ (consequence) / „Eternity“ (projekt: Cybotech)“seductive“ is ebm style, „eternity“ somewhat more clubby.. 90’s

• ED 13 -„quiet revolution“ (projekt: Karma Propaganda) / second disease (no moogulator project!)
synthpop + hard ebm style (only few singles left – diese single gibts nurnoch in kleinen mengen!!)

info: releases_with consequenceconsequence.info// ED magazin….-> die 7″ waren teil des magazins electronic disease! hinweis: „neu“ sind diese releases nicht, siehe links.. aber noch ein paar mags und singles sind wieder aufgetaucht. email reicht an moogulator

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Liveset from Wuppertal IDM-Session Radiator Club (the fourth session). The first Set – 125MB, 320bps / 55 Mins – Players: Moogulator, Pattyplanet, Undergrind and Audiotrainer (the Host) @ Wuppertal, 10.5.2009 – mp3 listen