Discography Moogulator as Consequence (1985-2001) • as Moogulator 2001-today •other Projects (1985-today)

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Moogulator by Moogulator

tracks by Moogulator


MOOGULATOR – The Digital Anatomist Project CD – BritzelPop

digital anatomist project

ConseQuencE – GedankenRauschen CD – dark ambient industrial


ConseQuence / Moogulator – Real?OR.noT! CD – Synthpop

Consequence – Volition CD – Electro – EBM

volition CD

ConseQuencE – Regression CD – EBM


Moogulator – Mars 2002 – 2010 – prev. unreleased lost tracks


Discography as Moogulator (2001 – Now!)

The Digital Anatomist Project (CD, Album, Spe) Aentitainment 2008
Appears On:
Gedankenrauschen (CD, Album) Elektro-Kartell 2002
Thesis Vol I (CD, Comp, Album) Iron Triangle Impulsive ArtImpulsive Art 2009
Tracks Appear On:
White Line Vol. 1 (12″) Spoonorchestra Aentitainment 2006
Thesis Vol I (CD, Comp, Album) –> GET IT HERE: Thesis (Greece), Impulsive Art, CDV/A – Thesis Vol.I Digipack CD

Track: 02. Moogulator | Iron triangle (prev.unreleased on CD / Vinyl)
on Impulsive ArtErhältlich via Email! / got some of these – so just ask me!

Iron Triangle Impulsive ArtImpulsive Art 2009
Moogulator / Enzym Split EP (Red Vinyl 12″)Various – Broken Music N°1 ‎(CDr, Comp) Qheap, VeCatreQErrorism AentitainmentAentitainment


• Liquid Sky Berlin Vol. 2 · Telepathic Bubblebath ‎( Album Commpilation, Movement Solitude (ReNewal Remix), XXC3Liquid Sky Berlin, 2013

Maschinenfest 2014 ‎(2xCD, Compilation, Ltd, Fes)  (2 CDs) – Track „in Synchrony (adaption)“, Label: Pflichtkauf, 2014
(industrial) – got some of these – so you can ask me…

mf 2014 danke

• Appearance on – Xabec „Closing the Circle“ CD (Live Performance from Forms of Hands 13 Concert) – Track „Feuerstern“ add. Synth, 2013
closing the circle by xabec


Releases: CD / Album – pre 2003 releases


Desolated Victims (Cass) Human Deadline 1985
Electronic Disease #11 (7″) Electronic Disease 1993
Regression (CD, Album) Human Deadline 1993
Volition (Album) ◄ (2 versions) Hard Records 1995
Volition (CD, Album) Hard Records 1995
Volition (CD, Album) Cleopatra 1995
Gedankenrauschen (CD, Album) Elektro-Kartell 2002
Appears On:
Impression 2001 (CD, Album) to Mars Elektro-Kartell 2002
Tracks Appear On these Compilations:
Human Deadline Compilation Vol. 1 (CD) Psyrulent,
Martinet 2
Human Deadline 1993
Different Forms (2xCass, Comp + Box, Ltd) They Are Educated,
Hands Productions 1994
Electronic Hopes (CD, Comp) Seductive Tomato Records (3) 1994
Elektro-Immolation (Cass, Comp) Seductive, High Side-Line 1994
Inside Out (CD) Seductive? Inside Out Productions 1994
Transatlantic Techno Trip (Cass, Comp, Ltd) Seductive?,
they are educated.
Electro Pulse 1994
Underground Resistances Vol.01 (Cass, Comp, Ltd) Seductive? New Will Productions 1994
Referenzklasse I (Cass, Comp) (Not) Allowed,
Trash Tape Rekords 1995
Hard Target – A Collection Of Electronic And Industrial Music From Hard Records (CD, Comp) Subject to
Cleopatra 1996
Industrial Madness (4xCD, Comp) Reliance Cleopatra 1997
Hard Industrial Work – 5 Year Anniversary Of Hard Records (3xCD, Comp) Reliance Cleopatra, Cleopatra 1998
Der Rat Der Grauen (CD) SubConscious.
Human Deadline 1999
FFG Volume 2 (2xCD, Dou) All = Nothing FFG 2000
Wellenform (CD Transitions
(Der Übergang)
Wellenform 2001
Impression 2001 (CD, Album) To Mars Elektro-Kartell 2002
Unofficial Releases:
Real? Or Not (CDr) Album! Human Deadline 1998


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12″ Vinyl

Moogulator / Enzym Split EP, Red Vinyl // Aentitainment

2 Tracks – Qheap & VeCatreQ by Moogulator

Moogulator / Enzym Split EP 12" Red Vinyl
Moogulator / Enzym Split EP 12″ Red Vinyl

Moogulator / Enzym Split by AENTITAINMENT

12″ Vinyl – White Line Compilation 1 – 2006 broken beats
Excerpt of all Tracks – Moogulator: last part of this Demo:

excerpts of ALL tracks via Ae.feat. moogulator, mothboy, theatre and its double, Utopia:banished, dbeOrder at/ bestellen via AentitainmentMoogulator feat Track: Spoon Orchestra II WHITE LINE Vol. IA collection of broken music, inspired by electronics and the belief in alternative electronic expression. Featuring Theatre And Its Double, Mothboy, Moogulator, Utopia:banished and dbe, this compilation brings you the latest in alternative electronic broken beats with a slightly dark touch.preview download


Vinyl 7″

by Moogulator / Consequence spotted: order some 5€ plus porto – gegen 9€ / Single inkl. Porto
die tracks sind diese:

• ED11 -„not allowed“ (consequence/volition)/ „color me blood red“ (projekt: Graft)
ebm + industrial style.. straight forward + mind movie – style – vorwärts und chillig/kinomässig

• ED12 -„seductive?“ (consequence) / „Eternity“ (projekt: Cybotech)“seductive“ is ebm style, „eternity“ somewhat more clubby.. 90’s

• ED 13 -„quiet revolution“ (projekt: Karma Propaganda) / second disease (no moogulator project!)
synthpop + hard ebm style (only few singles left – diese single gibts nurnoch in kleinen mengen!!)

info: releases_with consequenceconsequence.info// ED magazin….-> die 7″ waren teil des magazins electronic disease! hinweis: „neu“ sind diese releases nicht, siehe links.. aber noch ein paar mags und singles sind wieder aufgetaucht. email reicht an moogulator

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Liveset from Wuppertal IDM-Session Radiator Club (the fourth session). The first Set – 125MB, 320bps / 55 Mins – Players: Moogulator, Pattyplanet, Undergrind and Audiotrainer (the Host) @ Wuppertal, 10.5.2009 – mp3 listen


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