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All Consequence Music CDs and Downloads incl. lossless & 320bps MP3s and previews are here – all filed as Moogulator..

ConseQuencE is the Electronic Synthpop/EBM/Industrial Project 1985-2002 by Moogulator. Yes, it’s an older project! Just click on Consequence Link on the right or above (beside Moogulator Info or Live Performance to get info about newer stuff) to get the older info

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6.jan.2005 – 20 years anniversary of ConseQuence music
– 1985 – 2005 -> free download of 2 (!!) CDs…
free! – please help to support the download traffic cost.. SUPPORT
you can still get regression or gedankenrauschen CD!.

ConseQuence! Gedankenrauschen ConseQuence! Real?OR.noT ConseQuence! Volition! ConseQuence! Regression