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Moogulator vs. Consequence Universe (discogs)

Posted on 10/05/15 by Moogulator

how things are connected at discograph not everything in here – but.. updated 11/2015: and how it sounds/ed like: moogulator.bandcamp.com…

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Moogulator – “Die Ewigkeit” Review

Posted on 06/01/11 by Moogulator

Moogulator – Die Ewigkeit Review.. Kategorie ol’shi’at. (klicken zum lesen)

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Consequence no longer at Myspace

Posted on 11/19/10 by Moogulator

Just deleted my account, since they deleted it several times, possibly because of one of these.. exept the first entry of course. So say good bye to Mooulators Consequence Account. Der Consequence Account bei Myspace wird gelöscht, sie hatten ihn eh immer wieder gelöscht, wenn Consequence da stand, vermutlich wegen einer der anderen. War eine […]

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Passed Concerts Moogulator / Consequence

Posted on 01/01/09 by Moogulator

CONCERTS AS CONSEQUENCE or Moogulator ON STAGE TILL 2003 __2003_______________________________________ trier – 6.12 – mit nilleAllstar, bolota S… – live mit.. style: intelligent beats, sofa elektronik und mehr.. 54290 Trier, in der Christophstr.24, in der “Idealbank” ab ca. 21:00 ELEKTRO INNUNK: http://www.electro-innunk-koeln.de meister innunk: mittwoch während des battery parks spezielle MEISTER INNUNK mit moogulatoR und […]

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ConseQuencE – Experimental Electro Music – Menu

Posted on 03/03/05 by Moogulator

All Consequence Music CDs and Downloads incl. lossless & 320bps MP3s and previews are here – all filed as Moogulator.. ConseQuencE is the Electronic Synthpop/EBM/Industrial Project 1985-2002 by Moogulator. Yes, it’s an older project! Just click on Consequence Link on the right or above (beside Moogulator Info or Live Performance to get info about newer […]

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ConseQuence, Graft, Desolated Victims, Volition: CD, Vinyl + Compilations (Releases till 2001)

Posted on 03/03/03 by Moogulator

RELEASE_data CONSEQUENCE + Moogulator – CDs – till 2001/2002 current releases see “HEAR!” MoogulatoR the next consequence releases will be done as MoogulatoR! next planned release: compilation “electronic attack” somewhere in 2004 ;) an exerpt of what happened.. please check moogulator.de for more.. ConseQuencE “GedankenRauschen” ConseQuencE “GedankenRauschen” future intelligent electro release: 5/2002 unvoiced future intelligent […]

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