10.5. Moogulator @ LSB-TV live um 22:00 via 674.FM

MoogulatoR , On Tour

10.5. Moogulator @ LSB-TV live um 22:00 via 674.FM

Ein neues Liveset von Moogulator gibt es von 22:00 bis 23:00 am 10.5.22 über den Sender von Radio 674.fm im Rahmen der LSB-TV Sendung. Bleib dann dran, denn die Sendung ist 2 Stunden, danach gibt es noch einen interessanten Act Twin Peetz.

Du findest dort den Livestream.

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Visuals by Visualprime

*LSB-TV sendet jeden 2. Dienstag im Monat von 22 bis 0:00 mit jeweils 2 Acts – ich werde um 22:00 bis 23:00 spielen. Der zweite Acts ist in der Regel außerhalb der Gegend um Köln, in dem Falle aus Berlin. Den Livestream – Link findest du oben bei Radio 674.FM

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#lsbTV Cologne – Episode XXIX

-Audiovisual Experimental Live Performances -in the first hour with MOOGULATOR, founder of the synthesizer, community and news forum „sequencer.de“ and the co-founder of the German magazin for Synthesizer „SynMag“. He has appeared at our happenings countless times in the past and was regularly involved in our improvisations. Whether Moogulator plays a genre is difficult to answer. His music always has traces of an idiosyncratic structure and sounds. Colorful machines gather around the seated Britzelpop musicians, whose function and effects can often be observed from and at eye level.
Who has heard of EBM, IDM, Glitch, Synthpop, film sound with and without picture, New Wave, New Music, Industrial, DnB and (your term here)? So the Moogulator makes music recognizable as „electronic“ and reassembles it. Concerts are individual and new. They are therefore special for the day and do not contain any repetitions, because you can easily generate them with electronics anyway. That is exactly why this Moogulator is also on it and the sounds and structures that are created are -now-. What comes is different. Let’s see what he does this time and how that feels…Then in the 2nd hour with the Berlin based TWIN PEETZ from Montreal, founder of the dub label „Odrex Music“ and known mainly as the Montreal ambient pioneer. He has been in electronic music since 1992. His music is influenced by chill out, ambient, dub, electronica, techno, house, trip hop, and noise. Before the pandemic, we had numerous jam sessions together at Liquid Sky in Berlin, where we improvised for hours together with dozens of musicians. Twin Peetz was one of the participants. He came first and left last. We are very much looking forward to his performance.The visuals for both hours comes by VISUALPRIME from Cologne22-23 MOOGULATOR
This broadcast is funded by the cultural office of Cologne.

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