Pics & Videos (2009 – 1985)

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Bit distorted (loud PA), Live @ Netaudio Festival 2009, Berlin @ Maria

same place, not distorted, different song.. (still Berlin, Netaudio Festival)

moogulator live @ electro innunk koelnmoogulator live
at „electro innunk“ live jam, köln, germany: moogulator, 2004 club tour, camouflage

moogulator consequence elektro kartell

moogulator / consequence at Elektro Kartell session

Marl 2/2010, completely new track I did on stage, not yet recorded but there will be a studio version of it

moogulator livemoogulator on stage
moogulator live in bonn early 2000’s

moogulator livemoogulator live on stage
camouflage session / cologne moogulator early 2000’s

Berlin 2009, Netaudio Festival


about 2000 live in the Frankfurt aera, Gedankenrauschen CD – more ambient/chill set

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Berlin 2009

Berlin 2009, Blurred Faces (Bad Quality / LoFi)

Electronic Attack 2009, little live performance („reinventing“ programming mind patterns on stage)

Little ‚Soundcheck in Jena, Summer 2008

458nm Movie – Trailer + downloadable movie are up
– Soundtrack
2006 by dada-inn aka moogulator with boombaum + nille allstar
and the film team (jan bitzer, ilja brunck and tom weber)
download 458nm here available on DVD also at
458nm movie feat dada-inn (music)

more Film demo:
458nm – looks like we won ars electronica + siggraph + more awards. and something that is simple and no awards for reasons, ‚tho‘ – just a track of dAdA-iNN, so back to Moogulator Solo.

Moogulator Live.. 10 seconds the early days with new tracks 2002 – find tracks on first album under „moogulator“ name  –  „the anatomist project“..

Moogulator 22.6.2002 @ Kunsthalle Köln (with fm einheit, air liquide, arno steffen, michael rother), 10 Seconds, no more.

Moogulator @ Experimentalelektronik, Frankfurt, 16.3.2005 – Tanzhaus-West

Consequence transition to Moogulator in one Video with GedankenRauschen CD album CI gfx: The Track is „out of line“ – from 2000, never released..

Jamming / Improvising as dAdA-iNN – Nille Allstar and Moogulator, 2008, open to all, Domforum, Köln / Cologne

dAdA-iNN in Cologne, AbstrakTanzBar Event 2005 feat bOOmbaum & Moogulator (LoFi Video)


Experimental jam on modular meeting (2008) – wasn’t aware some1 filming it.. just on one EMS and G2 later. 2 Parts (2nd one with Pattysplanet)

Little Jam with Undergrind (piano), Pattysplanet (electronics, sax, WX controller), S.Arnold (Mad Scientist Drummer), K.Becker (DIY Cello, K.OFF) – they are now called Trio Metrik so I am guest this time and any time I am in Berlin,…

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moogulator music flyer

moogulator flyer (click to enlarge)

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