Volition, Graft, Karma Propaganda, Cybotech, Desolated Victims

Some Moogulator projects 1985-1993

  • Volition / Desolated Victims: see Consequence – a side project – same 1985-1993.
  • Graft (with Frank Hoffmann – this project ended in the 90ies)
    industrial / ebm
    – infos / some mp3 downloads on ConseQuence site)
  • Karma Propaganda (one day synthpop project with C.Hennes aka Seth Ghwyndion aka La Luna oc Nithar – vox)
    – infos / downloads on ConseQuence site)
  • Cybotech / Cybotec (a techno project , the 90ies)
    – infos / downloads on ConseQuence site)

and some smaller non mentioned ones..

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