Compilation Kreative Unruhe Chapter II – @ November 2017

if there is a Chapter I – there can be a second one. with good choice of good acts.
wait for november to get hands on – since I did not record any note of it but will happen until then since my name is on here – so I have to.. found something weird I did earlier to be the candidate for this.

the track by Moogulator will be: a distained path (unreleased so far).


  • Beinhaus
  • Callisto Ghost
  • Hezzel
  • JOIX
  • Kaibun
  • Letzte Ausfahrt Leben
  • Moogulator
  • Mortaja
  • Myeyesgrowdarker
  • Phasenmensch
  • Philipp Münch
  • Sans Fin
  • Spherical Disrupted
  • Stasis Device
  • Waldrick
  • Vortex – Dark Ambient Official Site
  • x0ksthe digital release will contain exclusive bonus tracks by:
  • Primitive Noise Sector
  • tonfarben (Dave Balstert)


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