Kreative Unruhe Compilation I (feat. Moogulator)

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Hey everyone, from Phasenmensch / Kreative Unruhe really proud to announce the first chapter of our „Kreative Unruhe“ compilation celebrating our first three events and all the great people, artists and vibes that were present during those nights. here it is – you can but and get it on Bandcamp. The release is available sind 25.November this year as a digital and as a limited tape […]

telepathic bubblebath liquid sky berlin vol.2

Telepathic Bubblebath Liquid Sky Berlin Vol.2 Compilation – with moogulator track

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a fine compilation, I was asked to do a track for that is sort of drone ambient style with beats with sort of illness to make it telepathic. we did! and I did a remix of something you may only know if you are really aware everything what I am doing ;) listen, spread, get fascinated – alienated … ted. .. ed… d…d… UPDATE: hier ein […]

Moogulator on Thesis Compilation (Impulsive Art) Track „Iron Triangle“

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V/A – Thesis Vol.IDigipack CD [IMA002] – October 2009 Track list 01.IP Neva | Artificial Crisis 02. Moogulator | Iron triangle (prev.unreleased on CD / Vinyl) 03. Atmogat | Distorg 04. Tapage | Last Inhale 05 Mobthrow | Xsozheim 06.Abstractive Noise | Charnel’s Insects 07.Keef  Baker | Sapphire 08. Mad EP | Wahnbriefe 09. Larvae | Shogun 10.Nole Plastique| Bright Sight 11.Andrey Kiritchenko| A Vesper 12.Spyweirdos […]