Cuemix Magazine reviews Moogulator „The Digital Anatomist Project“

Moogulator – The Digital Anatomist Project

Title:The Digital Anatomist Project


Release: October 2008

Label: Aentitainment


Moogulator’s new album called “The Digital Anatomist Project” is digital poetry in its purest form. An album containing ten tracks how own both sides digital industrial coolness and the warmth of the poetry of the tracks. With a mixture of IDM’ ish song structures and intelligent carefully arranges electronica sounds the whole album becomes a wonderful journey into a parallel universe. The beat structures follow the style you maybe will file under IDM and abstract electronica, but then surprisingly you’ll hear a kind of breakbeat influence mixed with a kind of human drum patterns. The structures of the tracks are multilayered and offer many soundscapes you will get lost in. Perfect! An album that builds atmosphere and ambience like a dream detached from space and time. The way Moogulator builds his sounds, arranged and sequenced them is nonesuch. Listening to this album is like reading an endless book that never releases the listener – pure magic. These

A wonderful perfect ten!


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