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2.4.2016 Moogulator live @ LSB TV (Superbooth), Berlin – (Video)

the synth superbooth fair in Berlin will take place at the same time.
so why not playing a set at LSB TV?

Here’s the result:

11.5. (update 3 days after upload)
thx to everyone for watching – after just a few days it got 9000 views and 200 likes so far – thank you!

lsb tv

Moogulator live 2h Set Impro
Livestream 0:00 – 2:00 SA abend (auf Sonntag)
Anlass: Superbooth 16 Messe – pics & info


Event Link FB :

3rd part of our SUPERBOOTH16 special
starts saturday night midnight
tv / radio / internet transmission
with (audio / vision)

  • Moogulator
  • daniel katzenstab
  • Dr. Noise M
  • Sheldon Drake

    • Mijk van Dijk
    • Bendeg
    • visuals: Matt Black (coldcut / ninja jam) & uli sigg

Dr Walker / Asbest

and many guests from superbooth
live broadcast via ALEX Berlin
stream here:

lsb tv 2.april

Doc says:

itz a TV show. not a party, beloved phrrrreakz!you can watch it worldwide in da interwebz.u don t have to move your lazy a$$es from the here:

Impression Moogulator – thx Bob Humid & Vika Gurtovaj

Impression LSB TV at Superbooth-Weekend (incl Bob Humid)

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