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2.4.2016 Moogulator live @ LSB TV (Superbooth), Berlin – (Video)

Posted on 03/25/16 by Moogulator

the synth superbooth fair in Berlin will take place at the same time. so why not playing a set at LSB TV? Here’s the result: 11.5. (update 3 days after upload) thx to everyone for watching – after just a few days it got 9000 views and 200 likes so far – thank you! Moogulator live […]

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14.3.15 Alex TV – Moogulator, ZuckerJohnny, Henriko S Sagert @ LSB TV (mit LiveStream & Antenne etc)

Posted on 03/14/15 by Moogulator

  ab SAMSTAG 0:00 (Mitternacht) auf Sonntag – werden die Herren ZuckerJohnny und Moogulator im freien Kanal Alex TV bei LSB TB (Liquid Sky Berlin) zu sehen sein, wer nicht in Berlin direkten Empfang hat, kann auch deren Livestream verwenden.

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12. – 14. 3. 2015 Moogulator – the Berlin Performance

Posted on 03/04/15 by Moogulator

Be prepared ‪#‎Berlin‬ ‪#‎Moogulator‬ 2 appear @ • 12.3. Ground Experiments – Event Info FB, @Studio 8, Grüntaler Str.8, Berlin (Wedding) here’s the details / info • 13.3. Urban Spree / In existase FB / info Revaler Str.99 – Berlin, Friedrichshain • 14.3. LSB TV live –  ALEX Offener Kanal Berlin LSB = Liquid Sky Berlin TV lsbtv.weebly.com // LiquidSkyBerlin FB to be broadcasted once! Midnight from […]

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