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dAdA-iNN is another Project of Moogulator Quite a lot of live performances with dAdA-iNN in the 200oth.. DaDa iNN Press / Booking Portfolio (PDF) print - web personal: bOOmbaum nille allstar…
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ConseQuencE , Projects

ConseQuence, Graft, Desolated Victims, Volition: CD, Vinyl + Compilations (Releases till 2001)

RELEASE_data CONSEQUENCE + Moogulator - CDs - till 2001/2002 current releases see "HEAR!" MoogulatoR the next consequence releases will be done as MoogulatoR! next planned release: compilation…
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ConseQuence Live Events till year 2003

DIE LETZTEN KONZERTE ALS CONSEQUENCE / CONSEQUENCE ON STAGE TILL 2003 div. gigs (nicht katalogisiert..) __2003_______________________________________ trier - 6.12 - mit nilleAllstar, bolota S... -…
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