Monat: November 2009


Moogulator on Thesis Compilation (Impulsive Art) Track „Iron Triangle“

V/A - Thesis Vol.IDigipack CD [IMA002] - October 2009 Track list 01.IP Neva | Artificial Crisis 02. Moogulator | Iron triangle (prev.unreleased on CD / Vinyl) 03. Atmogat | Distorg 04. Tapage | Last…
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MoogulatoR , On Tour

7.11.Koeln, Moogulator jams with Electronic Ladiez @ Kunstwerk

Electro, Jam & Live Performances with the Ladies, cologne:  PATTYSPLANET, MOOGULATOR , sitara, monotone, digitalmermaid BlackNinfea im Rahmen der langen Nach der Museen, präsentiert vom Atelier…
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Der kleine grüne Würfel / Drehkommando, Cologne, Images 15th Aug.09 @ Cancun

Drehkommando - Der kleine grüne Würfel from rec72 on Vimeo. just a video of a past jam - the live set is missing in here, but maybe perfect for gearheads.. Hmm - I patched live, started making…
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