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the old CONSEQUENCE LIVE GALLERY consequence (moogulator) @ live station, bonn app.2004 thanks to for pic!! thanks to for pic!! consequence now as MOOGULATOR moogulatoR live @ camouflage club, köln 2003-2004 bei “electro innunk” live jam, köln all pics (C) consequence / moogulator more / mehr: moogulator / consequence @ ELEKTRO INNUNK MENÜ: […]

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CONSEQUENCE LINX link_data – selektiert – in no particular order! – keine bestimmte reihenfolge sequencer – synthesizer & sequencer synthesizers moogulator networQ – main brain system moogulator as an artist / moogulator – als kunstgenerator electro intelligent synthetiQ musiQ: moogulatoR (new) = consequence (earlier releases)! or moogulator at discogs: as consequence: […]

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Press_data REVIEW_data (german/deutsch: below/unten..) ConseQuence! future electro music! did an own Magazine “Electronic Disease” and “Gothic Press” here are some from other mags and media (just a few..): under this link you can find about the first 2 CDs from Consequence from rock newsletter by jason ankeny “all music guide”: the original source -> Consequence […]

ConseQuencE! – text_data

ConseQuencE! – text_data CONSEQUENCE – .Real?OR.noT CD und “to mars” (mit pattysplanet) auf der CD von Pattysplanetall=nothing. / <(k)ein Limit?> look into the smallest “small”… the biggest “big”.. you can´t say: “here it is” ! you can´t say: “this is not..” in the end you´ll find “nothing” what you´ve found: the spirit …and if you […]

ConseQuence / Moogulator Höhlenkunst 1999 – Klanginstallationen in Tropfsteinhöhle

ConseQuence  / Moogulator :  Höhlenkunst – Klanginstallationen an besonderen Orten  Bild rechts: das Plakat Der Track new.limit/2 / Über der Schwelle / Höhlenflug ist ein Teil der damaligen Klanginstalltion in der Klutherthöhle Ennepetal zum von der CD Consequence Gedankenrauschen in der jetzigen Version). “Höhlenkunst” war der Name der Ausstellung von Bildern und bildender Kunst. Das […]

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