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Project_data (german below/deutsch unten) proceed to „moogulator“ Biography_data.. ConseQuence! future electro music! ConseQuence was generated in 1985. 1 x Humanoid Moogulator and some electronic devices 1 x der Moogulatorthe next consequence releases will be done as MoogulatoR! ConseQuencE / MoogulatoR in progress & already live on stage: new werks on abstract electro with some dnb and clicks’n’cuts influences (believe me, genres are are hard-to-say thing!) .. […]

ConseQuence – Visual_data (Image Gallery)

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the old CONSEQUENCE LIVE GALLERY consequence (moogulator) @ live station, bonn app.2004 thanks to for pic!! thanks to for pic!! consequence now as MOOGULATOR moogulatoR live @ camouflage club, köln 2003-2004 bei „electro innunk“ live jam, köln all pics (C) consequence / moogulator more / mehr: moogulator / consequence @ ELEKTRO INNUNK MENÜ: Livebilder Gallerie & info, Liveprofil , Infotext Livearchiv und Live.Kunst.Ausstellung Consequence […]

ConseQuence – Links

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CONSEQUENCE LINX link_data – selektiert – in no particular order! – keine bestimmte reihenfolge sequencer – synthesizer & sequencer synthesizers moogulator networQ – main brain system moogulator as an artist / moogulator – als kunstgenerator electro intelligent synthetiQ musiQ: moogulatoR (new) = consequence (earlier releases)! or moogulator at discogs: as consequence: also appeared as also as also or […]

ConseQuence – Press_data

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Press_data REVIEW_data (german/deutsch: below/unten..) ConseQuence! future electro music! did an own Magazine „Electronic Disease“ and „Gothic Press“ here are some from other mags and media (just a few..): under this link you can find about the first 2 CDs from Consequence from rock newsletter by jason ankeny „all music guide“: the original source -> Consequence was the guise of German electronic artist Mic Irmer, who initiated […]

ConseQuencE! – text_data

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ConseQuencE! – text_data CONSEQUENCE – .Real?OR.noT CD und „to mars“ (mit pattysplanet) auf der CD von Pattysplanetall=nothing. / <(k)ein Limit?> look into the smallest „small“… the biggest „big“.. you can´t say: „here it is“ ! you can´t say: „this is not..“ in the end you´ll find „nothing“ what you´ve found: the spirit …and if you look at it.. you´ll find „nothing“ if you look for both.. […]

Volition, Graft, Karma Propaganda, Cybotech, Desolated Victims

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Some Moogulator projects 1985-1993 Volition / Desolated Victims: see Consequence – a side project – same 1985-1993. Graft (with Frank Hoffmann – this project ended in the 90ies) industrial / ebm – infos / some mp3 downloads on ConseQuence site) Karma Propaganda (one day synthpop project with C.Hennes aka Seth Ghwyndion aka La Luna oc Nithar – vox) – infos / downloads on ConseQuence site) Cybotech […]