Video for Bleepfest Berlin 3 is up.

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Bleepfest 3 – 2009 Impression Video (mp4/H264) What’s the Bleepfest? View official video from bleepfest 3 – runthrough.. Moogulator played there along with very interesting and unusual (electronic) music. almost experimental to tech to synthpop to anything but standards. the list of performing artists is on the main page Next Bleepfest will be in Berlin around easter. most of us come back then.. More Videos […]

30.4.2005 Köln, AbstracTanzBar?

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Moogulator + bOOmbaum Performance in Köln. VIDEO: dAdA-iNN live @ cologne 30.4.2005 „AbstrakTanzBar?“ (very new OS update) Mac only Version (QT7/H265 mplayer or VLC required) 4MB mpeg4 version 3.6mb works fine with mplayer or VLC , QT will play mp4 only with codec! if it will not work – the explode our traffic version AVI / QT6 compatible