Video for Bleepfest Berlin 3 is up.

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Bleepfest 3 – 2009 Impression Video (mp4/H264) What’s the Bleepfest? View official video from bleepfest 3 – runthrough.. Moogulator played there along with very interesting and unusual (electronic) music. almost experimental to tech to synthpop to anything but standards. the list of performing artists is on the main page Next Bleepfest will be in Berlin around easter. most of us come back then.. More Videos […]

Berlin Berlin – Mini Tour – Moogulators Mini Summary II..

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Had a nice trip, played several gigs in Berlin with cool musicians all style. And here’s the language mix full story of half of the the Berlin adventure.. Kristof Becker, who builds his own metal and „in the making“ wood cello (right) and Dave /Undergrind (playing electronics / piano, sometimes guitar, middle) – Here we’re on the way playing in the Mauerpark. I played a lended […]

Berlin 9.4. Advanced Impro Acouselectronica, Laika feat. Moogulator

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Es wird auch einige weitere Gigs und Konzerte mit Moogulator geben, zumeist Improvisationen mit anderen Musikern. Emserstr. 131 12051 Berlin Deutschland , der 9.4. wird eine wilde Mischung mit akustischen Musikern sein. Watch out! evtl: weitere Location für 10.4. tba. Neben Moogulator (Electronics) werden am 9.4. mitspielen: Undergrind (Piano / Elektro) , , pattysplanet, (Electro, Sax, Voice, Treatments) Sebastian Arnold (Berlin) „Mad scientist drummer“ (Drums) […]