ars electronica 2006 – impression video around 458 nm movie

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ars electronica 2006 – impression video around 458 nm movie

As dAdA-iNN we created the soundtrack of 458 nm (458 nm is the frequency of blue), it’s about 2 mechanical snails falling in love but something happened to them..

update: it’s been a while – some things were lost, so forget about these..

these are no longer online: /

458 nm“ got an award at ars electronica, so we went there, here are my videos and pics..

movie soundtrack 458nm by dada-inn moogulator with boombaum + nille allstar and out film team (jan bitzer, ilja brunck and tom weber) out movie 458nm got an award..

The short 3d animation movie was played at some short-movie festivals of the world.
given by siggraph (Boston, USA), Ars Electronica (Linz, AT), Vilnius Shorts Festival..

the Bootleg Sektor: ..
Videocast – Unkommentiert und Hobbymäßig unkommentiert..
von der Ars Electronica, 60MB, MP4
– uncommented just images/impressions from moogulator

Flickr Photocasting.  Photo-Rundgang/roundabout at ARS ELECTRONICA 2006..

Flickr Shots – Photocasting.. Ein Rundgang..

more video? check dada-inn page..

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production company: Filmakademie BW
lengtg: 6:50″
directors: Jan Bitzer . Ilija Brunck . Tom Weber
producer: Sinje Gebauer
sound: dAdA-iNN 
title design: Nina Juric
additional texturing / compositing: Heiko Schneck

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