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dAdA-iNN – Performance / iNNtelligent beatz

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the stage is our studio dAdA-iNN worked from 2001 – 2009 (or so..) Press / Booking Portfolio (PDF) print – web personal: bOOmbaum nille allstar MoogulatoR DaDa iNN works live! any time! all audio is created live booking dada iNN or see them play live near you. dAdA iNN, cologne , germany dAdA-iNN dAdA-iNN ist ein elektronischer Liveact zwischen den Stilen, 2003 als Zusammenschluss dreier Kölner […]

FMX – Animation FX – Video Sound / Film Sound (458 nm)

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what we did with dada-inn. Fog has devoured the forest, Which saw your quietest happiness; Completely in scent and twilight, The beautiful world wants to pass away. Autumn. Theodor Storm 1817-1888 458nm The scant moonlight of a dark forest gives way to the bioilluminescent glow of mysterious cyborg snails as they feel their way forward and cautiously discover one another. They curiously fumble to identify their […]

ars electronica 2006 – impression video around 458 nm movie

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As dAdA-iNN we created the soundtrack of 458 nm (458 nm is the frequency of blue), it’s about 2 mechanical snails falling in love but something happened to them.. update: it’s been a while – some things were lost, so forget about these.. these are no longer online: / „458 nm“ got an award at ars electronica, so we went there, here are my videos and pics.. […]