FMX – Animation FX – Video Sound / Film Sound (458 nm)

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FMX – Animation FX – Video Sound / Film Sound (458 nm)

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Fog has devoured the forest,
Which saw your quietest happiness;
Completely in scent and twilight,
The beautiful world wants to pass away.
Theodor Storm 1817-1888


The scant moonlight of a dark forest gives way to the bioilluminescent glow of mysterious cyborg snails as they feel their way forward and cautiously discover one another. They curiously fumble to identify their counterpart before furiously hurling themselves at each other. Gears churn, chemicals mix and surfaces become translucent revealing intricate bio-mechanical structures. The forest is bathed in the couple’s tender blue light…

„458nm“ is both the wave length of this particular light and the title of this year’s fmx trailer – an abridged version of the outstanding film that won the Special Jury Honor of this year’s Siggraph computer animation festival. It has been selected from the many fine works created by students at the Filmakademie, Baden-Wuerttemberg to represent the ambitious programmes offered at fmx.

Inspired by the courtship of snails and the poem included below, the original film was designed, directed and animated as a team by Jan Bitzer, Ilja Brunck and Tom Weber in „Filmgestaltung 2“ during their second year at the Filmakademie. It was produced by Sinje Gebauer, student of the newly created curriculum focus „Animation & VFX Producing „. The shortened trailer was edited and designed by Philip Thomas and the film’s musical score and sound design created by the Cologne-based dAdA-iNN consisting of Mic Irmer aka MoogulatoR, Nilleallstar and bOOmbaum, who also create soundscapes for fairs and exhibitions.

fmx/07 trailer

07 trailer big

07 trailer small

07 trailer motives

The FMX Animation Fair was provided by our sound and animations in 2007.

fmx – Info

production company: Filmakademie BW
length: 6:50″
directors: Jan Bitzer . Ilija Brunck . Tom Weber
producer: Sinje Gebauer
sound: dAdA-iNN
title design: Nina Juric
additional texturing / compositing: Heiko Schneck