Moogulator / Enzym Split EP 12″ Vinyl


Still about one month to go, here’s your chance to place your preorders for the upcoming Split 12″ between the two german live-electronic ambassadors Moogulator and Enzym.


AENTITAINMENT  Moogulator / Enzym Split Preorder.

E1 | Einheit14c01 (4:02)
E2 | Veta16E01 (3:33)
E3 | Benzin24H13 (4:13)
M1 | VecatreQ (4:21)
M2 | Qheap (5:23)

This 12″ comes in red vinyl featuring three new tracks by Enzym (the E-side) and two by Moogulator (the M-side). Save your preorder (and 1,00€) today! Note tha we include a download code to give you access to the tracks in digital format as well.
Furthermore this will be available as a commercial download on your shop of choice.

Moogulator / Enzym Split by AENTITAINMENT

Moogulator Split EP

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siehe Moogulator. com / Sequencer .de Youtube SequencerTalk und Moogulator Facebook/Instagram: Moogulator etc.

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