Free Aentitainment Sampler (incl Moogulator track)

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download AENTITAINMENT | – Free Aentitainment Sampler. A good start into a new week is sometimes hard to realize. As a known caring and sharing label we offer you the chance to make the best of it. The first free Aentitainment sampler can be downloaded right here, right now. With some classics from the past and an outlook into the nearer future you’ll get tracks from artists like […]

Moogulator / Enzym Split EP 12″ Vinyl

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Still about one month to go, here’s your chance to place your preorders for the upcoming Split 12″ between the two german live-electronic ambassadors Moogulator and Enzym. MOOGULATOR / ENZYM SPLIT 12″ AENTITAINMENT  Moogulator / Enzym Split Preorder. TRACKLISTING E1 | Einheit14c01 (4:02) E2 | Veta16E01 (3:33) E3 | Benzin24H13 (4:13) M1 | VecatreQ (4:21) M2 | Qheap (5:23) This 12″ comes in red vinyl featuring three new […]

Aentitainment News..

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New releases in 08 @ AENTITAINMENT: We are very proud to announce the next releases on AENTITAINMENT by the italian THEE MALDOROR KOLLECTIVE (T/M/K) and by MOOGULATOR! Both artists will release full-length album CDs within the next months. Production and studio work are finished in both cases and we can only say that both CDs are exceptionally great and breathtaking.THEE MALDOROR KOLLECTIVE on myspace MOOGULATOR on […]