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Preview Upcoming Split 12″ EP by Enzym & Moogulator at Aentitainment Rec.

Posted on 11/01/10 by Moogulator

Moogulator “VeCatreQ” by AENTITAINMENT part of the new upcoming SplitEP 12″ with Enym and Moogulator, 2 Tracks by Moogulator. to be released soon on Aentitainment Records. -> posting AE-Rec at Phazebook

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Out 08 08 08 – Moogulator – The Digital Anatomist Project – Album CD

Posted on 08/08/08 by Moogulator

Moogulator – The Digital Anatomist Project CD Album Out on Aentitainment Records Moogulator – The Digital Anatomist Project On August, 08th 2008 AENTITAINMENT releases the new album „The Digital Anatomist Project“ by the german synthesizer-specialist Moogulator. Fans of Autechre, Kraftwerk, Squarepusher, Venetian Snares or Aphex Twin might like this one as it shows the diversity […]

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Aentitainment News..

Posted on 02/12/08 by Moogulator

New releases in 08 @ AENTITAINMENT: We are very proud to announce the next releases on AENTITAINMENT by the italian THEE MALDOROR KOLLECTIVE (T/M/K) and by MOOGULATOR! Both artists will release full-length album CDs within the next months. Production and studio work are finished in both cases and we can only say that both CDs […]

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New Moogulator Album CD 2008

Posted on 02/08/08 by Moogulator

* The next Moogulator album is done, in december I finished all tracks for the new album, atm it’s about cover and final talks and the most hard thing: to get it over to the shops. it will come before June 2008 (this part of the half year), so stay tuned for more info. * […]

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