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Digital Kunstrasen interview Moogulator and Enzym

Posted on 03/02/11 by Moogulator

Digital Kunstrasen – Internetlabel – Interviews: #30 – Moogulator / Enzym – english #30 – Moogulator / Enzym – deutsch

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Red Vinyl 12″EP by Moogulator is out now!

Posted on 01/04/11 by Moogulator

get one of these at concerts, at aentitainment or just contact me.. info (deutsch) hier: Sawtooth.fm | Advanced Electronic Music News and Reviews. more: Moogulator / Enzym Split EP 12″ Vinyl Moogulator / Enzym Split by AENTITAINMENT

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Moogulator / Enzym Split EP 12″ Vinyl

Posted on 11/25/10 by Moogulator

Still about one month to go, here’s your chance to place your preorders for the upcoming Split 12″ between the two german live-electronic ambassadors Moogulator and Enzym. MOOGULATOR / ENZYM SPLIT 12″ AENTITAINMENT  Moogulator / Enzym Split Preorder. TRACKLISTING E1 | Einheit14c01 (4:02) E2 | Veta16E01 (3:33) E3 | Benzin24H13 (4:13) M1 | VecatreQ (4:21) M2 | […]

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Preview Upcoming Split 12″ EP by Enzym & Moogulator at Aentitainment Rec.

Posted on 11/01/10 by Moogulator

Moogulator “VeCatreQ” by AENTITAINMENT part of the new upcoming SplitEP 12″ with Enym and Moogulator, 2 Tracks by Moogulator. to be released soon on Aentitainment Records. -> posting AE-Rec at Phazebook

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