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dAdA-iNN is another Project of Moogulator Quite a lot of live performances with dAdA-iNN in the 200oth.. DaDa iNN Press / Booking Portfolio (PDF) print – web personal: bOOmbaum nille allstar MoogulatoR dAdA-iNN is a live oriented music project together with bOOmbaum and NilleAllstar iNNtelligent beats and abstract electro to drum ‘n’ bass and clicks ‘n’ cuts and some more.. don’t miss them live on stage! […]

ConseQuence, Graft, Desolated Victims, Volition: CD, Vinyl + Compilations (Releases till 2001)

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RELEASE_data CONSEQUENCE + Moogulator – CDs – till 2001/2002 current releases see „HEAR!“ MoogulatoR the next consequence releases will be done as MoogulatoR! next planned release: compilation „electronic attack“ somewhere in 2004 ;) an exerpt of what happened.. please check for more.. ConseQuencE „GedankenRauschen“ ConseQuencE „GedankenRauschen“ future intelligent electro release: 5/2002 unvoiced future intelligent abstract electro „IDM / new electro“ instrumental – records order […]

ConseQuence Live Events till year 2003

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DIE LETZTEN KONZERTE ALS CONSEQUENCE / CONSEQUENCE ON STAGE TILL 2003 div. gigs (nicht katalogisiert..) __2003_______________________________________ trier – 6.12 – mit nilleAllstar, bolota S… – live mit.. style: intelligent beats, sofa elektronik und mehr.. 54290 Trier, in der Christophstr.24, in der „Idealbank“ ab ca. 21:00 ELEKTRO INNUNK: meister innunk: mittwoch während des battery parks spezielle MEISTER INNUNK mit moogulatoR und anderen residents im camouflage! Live-sessions […]

moogulatoR live @ club camouflage 14th of dec.2002

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moogulatoR live @ camouflage club, köln 2003-2004 photo taken at dr.walkers (air liquide) club camouflage 14th of dec.2002 during gig.. typical locations at that time were: battery park cologne 2002 takes place at: aceton . luxemburger str. 46 . doors open 21 h . 0221 426112 blue shell . luxemburger str. 32 . doors open 19 h . 0221 231248 liquid sky . luxemburger […]