MMJ Morphmen remixed Moogulators “Sensoria”

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Digital Slaughter, mate Oliver aka MMJ Morphmen (another project of Digital Slaughter) did 2 remixes of Moogulators “Sensoria” from the Album “The Digital Anatomist Project”, here they are. It’s different, more danceable.. enjoy. Originals are here on CD at Aentitainment – The remixes have not been released, so why not using Youtube..? U PDATE: YT deleted the whole account because – well there have been remixes […]

Digital Slaughter today

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Digital Slaughter is Oliver Freitag – schl8ta  but Moogulator “helps” on stage and some collabs done, some tracks made that may appear here and there on compilations or on stage. UPDATE:  looks like there is not much planned – so no live gigs the next time, but maybe some remixes or tracks – we did some in 2009/10.. We decided to keep this project alive but not […]

Moogulators projects till 2000’s: From Moogulator to ConseQuencE!

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MoogulatoRs music projects: * Moogulator (you are on the Moogulator site) thousands of robotic arms playing music – IDM – abstract beats – compuphonic restructured clicks this is the main music project today. live + studio work. – Music/Synth Wiki: Live Profile – Discogs: dAdA-iNN is a live oriented music project together with bOOmbaum and NilleAllstar iNNtelligent beats and abstract electro to drum ‘n’ bass […]

7.April 2006 – Leverkusen – Digital Slaughter feat. Moogulator

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live DIGITAL SLAUGHTER (O.Freitag + Moogulator): 7.April 2006 – Kulturausbesserungswerk Levekusen Opladen — @ “fast backward also with Audioscope this is a reunion . wir haben uns wieder zusammengefunden, um auch in zukunft wieder tracks und live aufzutauchen.. wer mag, sucht nach unseren alten sachen.. aber es wird auch neue tracks geben.. auch hier bei dem konzert könnt ihr vielleicht auch alte tracks hören.. aber wir […]