15.8. Moogulator @ LSB TV – / Livestream & DVB-T

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Moogulator will play a live set at this tv station in Berlin – sent to you via streaming and if you are in berlin – dvb-t as well on LSB TV.starting at saturday night at 0:00 (sat to sun) -> View post Um 23:59 am Samstag Abend am 15.8.2015 (nacht von sa auf so) gibt es ein Moogulator Live Set in LSB TV – das wird live sein […]

13.3.2015 Berlin, In Existase 1, Urban Spree – Moogulator, Raumagent Alpha, Snitch, Zuckerjohnny, Tocalaboca

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2 floors, 5 live acts, 7 Djs www.facebook.com/Inexistase Events for the unrooted, blind dance. 8€ Event: facebook.com/events/741692349245410/ Lineup – auch gut geeignet für Leute, die nicht so gern auf Parties gehen weil ihnen der Sound zu sehr 4/4 Standard ist, denn hier wird’s anders und Kameras sind erlaubt. Wir haben nichts zu verbergen ;) Images thx: Tino Nettling     upper: 2200║█║Pilote Totivs al. Artichâut 2345║█║Tocalaboca 0045║█║Moogulator 0200║█║Zuckerjohnny […]

12.3.15 Berlin, Ground Experiments, Studio 8 – Ron Schneider, David Perlzweig, Moogulator

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March is calling for a very special round on the ground where three musicians meet for a real time experimental live music improvisation. (no solo gigs are in here! stop by at Urban Spree next day to do so – we are ALL playing solo stuff there!) • David Perlzweig (Meisster von Keinen / Zuckerjohnny / In Existase) https://www.facebook.com/In existase Pianowork: http://www.beeah-music.net/artists/triometrik/ Dave’s domain has many subs from […]

12. – 14. 3. 2015 Moogulator – the Berlin Performance

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Be prepared ‪#‎Berlin‬ ‪#‎Moogulator‬ 2 appear @ • 12.3. Ground Experiments – Event Info FB, @Studio 8, Grüntaler Str.8, Berlin (Wedding) here’s the details / info • 13.3. Urban Spree / In existase FB / info Revaler Str.99 – Berlin, Friedrichshain • 14.3. LSB TV live –  ALEX Offener Kanal Berlin LSB = Liquid Sky Berlin TV lsbtv.weebly.com // LiquidSkyBerlin FB to be broadcasted once! Midnight from SAT to SUN (in der Nacht vom SA auf SO um […]

telepathic bubblebath liquid sky berlin vol.2

Telepathic Bubblebath Liquid Sky Berlin Vol.2 Compilation – with moogulator track

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a fine compilation, I was asked to do a track for that is sort of drone ambient style with beats with sort of illness to make it telepathic. we did! and I did a remix of something you may only know if you are really aware everything what I am doing ;) listen, spread, get fascinated – alienated … ted. .. ed… d…d… UPDATE: hier ein […]