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Moogulator @ Happy Knobbing Modular Synthesizer Meeting (Pentcost 2016)

Posted on 05/18/16 by Moogulator

Part of the Jams @ Modular Synthesizer Meeting, Fischbach Germany 2016 at 6:32 (watch also: 1) Worsel Strauss + Weinglas + Serge (Nicknames @ Forum) 2) Moogulator (6:32) 3) Feinstrom (13:36)) see all the images and photos here these images by Torsten M. Abel:

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13.9.2015 MUK.E 15 – Dortmund, Esplendor Geometrico, Moogulator, Cervello Elettronico, The Hacker uva.

Posted on 09/06/15 by Moogulator
MUK.E 15 Festival

will be doing things with modular synthesizers – only at this event! so – just save the date -> FB Event (Hands) update: high quality pics by Carsten Stiller can be found here: Flux project Review (Ital/Eng.): … L’ambient aiuta a far viaggiare la mente ed i pensieri e, subito dopo, Moogulator si dimostra un perfetto […]

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15.8. Koeln, Modularkomplex, Ctrl + Alt + Delete

Posted on 08/13/09 by Moogulator

Live Workshops und Modular Synthesizer ab 12:00, Konzerte ab 22:00 – Free Entrance , Location: Cancun, Geisselstr.66, Ehrenfeld (Köln)

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