Global Alien Impression

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Some Impressions from our session at global alien (Berlin), of course without myself since I took no pictures of myself. And: this is before and after the show for the same reason. 27.4.2008 Berlin / Global Alien Images Part 1 Einige Eindrücke von der Global Alien Session (Finissage), dh allen Mitmusikern vor und nach dem Gig (natürlich keine Bilder vom Moogulator, der hat natürlich gespielt, aber […]

Aentitainment News..

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New releases in 08 @ AENTITAINMENT: We are very proud to announce the next releases on AENTITAINMENT by the italian THEE MALDOROR KOLLECTIVE (T/M/K) and by MOOGULATOR! Both artists will release full-length album CDs within the next months. Production and studio work are finished in both cases and we can only say that both CDs are exceptionally great and breathtaking.THEE MALDOROR KOLLECTIVE on myspace MOOGULATOR on […]

New Moogulator Album CD 2008

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* The next Moogulator album is done, in december I finished all tracks for the new album, atm it’s about cover and final talks and the most hard thing: to get it over to the shops. it will come before June 2008 (this part of the half year), so stay tuned for more info. * Das nächste Album steht in den Startlöchern, alle Tracks sind bereits […]

ars electronica 2006 – impression video around 458 nm movie

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As dAdA-iNN we created the soundtrack of 458 nm (458 nm is the frequency of blue), it’s about 2 mechanical snails falling in love but something happened to them.. update: it’s been a while – some things were lost, so forget about these.. these are no longer online: / „458 nm“ got an award at ars electronica, so we went there, here are my videos and pics.. […]