ars electronica 2006 – impression video around 458 nm movie

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As dAdA-iNN we created the soundtrack of 458 nm (458 nm is the frequency of blue), it’s about 2 mechanical snails falling in love but something happened to them.. update: it’s been a while – some things were lost, so forget about these.. these are no longer online: / „458 nm“ got an award at ars electronica, so we went there, here are my videos and pics.. […]

electro innunk / liquid sky lounge @ club camouflage, cologne

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Electro Jam feat. Moogulator electro innunk / liquid sky lounge – club camouflage is not really „a project“, it was a live jam in cologne, germany till early 2005.. moogulator plays in dr.walker’s club camouflage with other electro musicians.. info & more – dr.walker moved to crete – so find some rest info here or on /

ConseQuencE – Experimental Electro Music – Menu

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All Consequence Music CDs and Downloads incl. lossless & 320bps MP3s and previews are here – all filed as Moogulator.. ConseQuencE is the Electronic Synthpop/EBM/Industrial Project 1985-2002 by Moogulator. Yes, it’s an older project! Just click on Consequence Link on the right or above (beside Moogulator Info or Live Performance to get info about newer stuff) to get the older info The Menu / Menü ConseQuence […]


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dAdA-iNN is another Project of Moogulator Quite a lot of live performances with dAdA-iNN in the 200oth.. DaDa iNN Press / Booking Portfolio (PDF) print – web personal: bOOmbaum nille allstar MoogulatoR dAdA-iNN is a live oriented music project together with bOOmbaum and NilleAllstar iNNtelligent beats and abstract electro to drum ‘n’ bass and clicks ‘n’ cuts and some more.. don’t miss them live on stage! […]

ConseQuence, Graft, Desolated Victims, Volition: CD, Vinyl + Compilations (Releases till 2001)

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RELEASE_data CONSEQUENCE + Moogulator – CDs – till 2001/2002 current releases see „HEAR!“ MoogulatoR the next consequence releases will be done as MoogulatoR! next planned release: compilation „electronic attack“ somewhere in 2004 ;) an exerpt of what happened.. please check for more.. ConseQuencE „GedankenRauschen“ ConseQuencE „GedankenRauschen“ future intelligent electro release: 5/2002 unvoiced future intelligent abstract electro „IDM / new electro“ instrumental – records order […]

Volition, Graft, Karma Propaganda, Cybotech, Desolated Victims

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Some Moogulator projects 1985-1993 Volition / Desolated Victims: see Consequence – a side project – same 1985-1993. Graft (with Frank Hoffmann – this project ended in the 90ies) industrial / ebm – infos / some mp3 downloads on ConseQuence site) Karma Propaganda (one day synthpop project with C.Hennes aka Seth Ghwyndion aka La Luna oc Nithar – vox) – infos / downloads on ConseQuence site) Cybotech […]